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Cheating is the process of gaining unfair advantage through use of internal exploits (cheating) or external applications (hacking).



There are different kinds of cheating in games that give different abilities to players. Listed below are the most major and popular ways of cheating.

Console commands

Console commands giving different items and/or abilities to the user are the 'fairest' way of cheating. It is hard to deal with as often only administrators have the access to console commands, and often the administrators are the ones cheating.


Gives the user much faster movement speed. The most evident kind among all others. Easily detected and dealt with if administrators are nearby.


Grants the user the ability to aim on enemies with little user interaction, practically automatically - hence the name 'aimbot'. If the aimbot is good quality and used wisely it is almost undetectable. Hardest to deal with.


A multi-function ESP hack in-game
Image taken from Google

The ESP hack (Extrasensory Perception) grants the ability to see information about enemies such as their health, position (when with fog of war) and sometimes the weapon wielded. Undetectable as it is a clientside hack and its interface is only seen by the user unless the user gives themself away (by showing knowledge of enemy positions).

Minimap hack

Minimap hack in-game
Image taken from Google

Shows the minimap to the user with all players on it. In Counter-Strike 2D, without hacking only spectators and dead players have the ability to see it. Similar to ESP, undetectable, unless the user gives themself away.

Radar hack

Similar to the minimap hack, shows the enemies on the radar. Undetectable unless user gives themself away.

Scope hack

Only used with weapons with scopes. Removes the view-blocking scope image, allowing user to see the full battlefield even despite being scoped. Undetectable unless the player gives themself away.

Anti-flashbang and anti-smoke hacks

Removes the blinding and view-blocking effects of the flashbang and smoke grenades. Some hacks have an additional feature for the anti-flashbang hack showing the percent of blindness, useful for the user to simulate being blinded.

Cheating in different games

Counter-Strike 2D

An image of PebHook in action - one of the most powerful CS2D hacks.
Image taken from Google

In Counter-Strike 2D, cheating is either the use of console commands giving unfair advantage to a player compared to others or the use of external applications for reaching the same goal. The latter is usually much more severe than the former as it gives inhuman abilities to the user that are difficult to deal with for regular players, whilst the former can be dealt with relatively easier.

The most powerful (with most functions) hacks in the history of Counter-Strike 2D were arguably DC_Little and PebHook.

With the last Counter-Strike 2D versions most hacks were rendered nonfunctional due to the internal anticheat system not allowing any external modifications to Counter-Strike 2D. That does not however mean that hacks were wiped out entirely - sometimes people with speedhack or aimbot can still be seen on various servers. The XKafe server family is considered by many the gathering place of today's hackers.

Carnage Contest

Currently, the only way to cheat in Carnage Contest is the use of weapons with functions too powerful compared to others. No external hacks are known to this time.

Stranded II

The only ways to cheat in Stranded II is currently the use of console commands and/or scripts to gain an unfair advantage. Due to the lack of an official multiplayer mode the aforementioned cheats are only applicable to singleplayer game.

Attitude in community

The community's attitude towards cheating is highly disapproving and condemnatory, often evolving into hatred. Cheaters are less hated than hackers, although hated nonetheless. Hackers are regarded by a large part of the community as scum and the bane of Unreal Software and its games[1]. Although the creators of hacks may have created them out of sheer interest, the main users are players lacking experience or just unable to play fair.

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