Here you can find source code, a description of the Unreal Software Web API and more!


Source Codes


Unreal Software Connect

A web API which allows external services and websites to detect if a user is the owner of a certain account.


Please note

Step 3 resets the connect value. So step 3 can only return the ID once. Moreover usernames may contain special characters. You should use the function urlencode() when using PHP or a comparable function in other languages!

Moreover you can use the script to get the name or ID of a user:

Get name by ID

Get ID by name

User List

A list with all users in a pure text format is available at

with STARTOFFSET as offset value (start at user X with 0 for the first) and the amount COUNT.

Returns one line per user with the structure: ID,NAME. Replace raw with rawc to get a list including the country codes: ID,NAME,COUNTRY.

You can use
to get the total number of registered users and
to get the highest used ID.

User Data

You can request user data using
For ID insert an Unreal Software / U.S.G.N. user ID. For DATA you have to use one of the following values: