vm CS2D

Choose your side: be part of a special unit or a bad guy planting bombs and taking hostages.

CS2D is an action-packed top-down shooter. Up to 32 players in two teams compete against each other online in various scenarios. Play on countless maps with a variety of weapons and numerous game modes. There is capture the flag, domination, deathmatch, team deathmatch, construction and even a zombie mode.

An easy-to-use map editor and the option to modify and expand the game via Lua scripts guarantee long-lasting fun.


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V, 26.11.2021
A terrorist is carrying the bombGunfightA HE grenade explodesSnowball fight and knifing



more than 1 million downloads
#10 out of the best 50 free games at Chip.de
Updates even after over 10 years
Rank 1 on Steam Greenlight with over 12.6k Yes-votes (June 2017)