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Lua is a lightweight multi-paradigm programming language, designed as a scripting language in 1993 by members of the Computer Graphics Technology Group (Tecgraf) at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Lua in Unreal Software games

In Unreal Software games, Lua allows you to add modifications to the game strictly server-side. A large number of said modifications are shared by Unreal Software users in the File Archive.

Lua comes already installed with Counter-Strike 2D and Carnage Contest, however, if you want to create own third-party modules (written in C[1] and BlitzMax[2]), you would need the Lua library (lua5.1.dll) to create them


See also

References and notes

  1. How to write a binary module by Flacko
  2. How to write a binary module by Starkkz
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