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English Traveling Guide Request

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old Traveling Guide Request

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Hypothetically speaking, Let's say you're born into this world as an 18 years old, you've never traveled before, and you don't know anything about it nor do you have any idea what you need for it, or where to start. Not only that, but let's also assume you're from Iraq which has the second worst passport in the world and no access to PayPal and others as they've banned your country.

- Where do you start? What are the first things you need to learn about?
- How do you do the "government stuff"
- How much money do you need to begin with?
- Can your money be gone just cause' you made a mistake in filling an application like applying for a visa or there is no chance for your money to be gone "accidentally"
- What do you do if you want to travel just for a week, or a couple weeks? What if for a month, or year?
- Can you travel for business like working in that country? How long can you stay? Do they bankrupt you? Do they constantly asking you for money? Can you get jailed for a small mistake or forgetting something?
- What If you wanna immigrate to another country, and wanna just live there forever. How do you start? What are the steps to take? Is it even possible considering the circumstances? Do they bankrupt you even more?

- How is the first airport experience? Where do you start? Where do you go, how do you not get lost? How do you know what time to get there? How do you know what to do there? What are the things you need to know?
- How do you travel with the barely any money?
- How do you make money while traveling and moving to different countries?
-What are the things you first should do or experience when you travel to another country?
- How to apply for a job there, and not get rejected?
- How do you not feel lost being all alone in a foreign country and with lack of confidence?

* Is there anything else you need to know?

Would appreciate somebody answering my questions, and clarifying it all.

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I recommend a free travel blog and resources, that depends on the country that you will travel to, you can ask the iraqi embassy/consulate about all the restrictions.
trip duration: tourist visas are typically short-term you should consider the (visa validity).
Budget: local transportation, street food, Hotels and the average cost of the destination that you have chosen....
You can also do a research online in official immigration websites
First Airport experience: Many airports have detailed information on their websites about security, check-in, and baggage, arriving early for the first time is recommended.
good luck!
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