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10.12.19 08:09:05 pm
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Hello us , today i bring you new minecraft themed map for role play which i created for Fapi comunity and their server, but anyone can use it for their own purpose for offline or online playing.

Map guidelines:
use mp_luamap 1 because of some trigger_if's

What can you do with map?
√ play offline/online
√ use for your own server
√ use its content
√ reupload anywhere you want
× do not claim as your own, give some credits to original creator (your very CJW)

@129720 helping with testing map, finding bugs (actually my mistakes)
tileset: i dont know who is creator of this tileset, i just edited it a bit and just wanted to thank that unknown hero of cs2d
gfx: also unsung heroes which created some sprites
sfx: a bit of usgn (such as grenade launcher sound for example), a bit of minecraft original sound files

small thing to mention:
Spoiler >
ok This file has been reviewed and approved by GeoB99 (08.02.20 07:00:05 pm)


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11.12.19 05:16:50 pm
@user haha1955: thanks
@user ExT: sure, if its sucesfull why not
11.12.19 02:09:48 pm
like I like it!
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Tbh, I like this map, it's very nice and I hope you continue creating maps like this one, even better if they have the Minecraft theme
10.12.19 10:09:10 pm
like I like it!
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i like your maps actually, but this map is very good:) i hope, your create more maps like this...:)
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