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The Pupp3t's Mod (or also known as The Pupp3t's Mod: The Reksew Legacy in the Gold version) is a survival-action-horror mod by Pupp3t.


This mod is 'different' from other mods because it loosely steps away from the island-survival theme, and emphasizes the usage of combat. Comments suggest that the modification was given a rustic, apocalyptic look. Most mods have the theme of expansion to the 'island' adventuring of Stranded II, whilst the Pupp3t's mod uses ingame structures to stimulate actual levels.


Alpha: introduced the public to a different set-up of guns, zombies, and other creatures. A syringe idea, mainly to replace the original potions, was implemented. This version introduced Abel Winston, the detective who would then save the world almost three times now.

Beta: introduced a new variety of monsters, as well as items and objects. This version begins to expand upon the original storyline, with Abel being the protagonist again.

Gold: The latest version od the mod. Having the new storyline based on the mod's subtitle, it is determined to be the final chapter in the Reksew Saga. The public is introduced to a LOT more items and such than before.

Development for a Platinum Edition

The user Pupp3t has briefly spoke that any feedback would help with a Platinum edition to the mod. While there has been no reply, a newer version is being worked on. No other information is being spoken of at this time. The new story mode will contain a new character, as Abel Winston has now retired from the service. According to Pupp3t, this story mode will largely be expanded. Two trailers were recently added to the mod's thread showcasing added material.

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