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Last week Pre-Alpha 0 was released for a short period of time.
The purpose of it was to make sure the release workflow was easy enough.
I am planning to release pre-alpha versions weekly.

More information in discord
Pre-Alpha 1 started August 13th - 9PM CEST.
Pre-Alpha 1 ended August 13th - 12PM CEST

• application is obtainable via discord server
• version is available from a few hours to a day
• after expiration, creating or joining servers are not available
• uses only photon network which is inferior to mirror
• no dedicated servers available
• unfinished features are disabled or hidden

Changelog >

Teammate Nicknames and Markers

Nicknames are now displayed above players.
In addition, added blue markers bellow the player.
This should help to distinguish teammates from enemies.
IMG:https://i.imgur.com/zvaa1yi.png<br />

I'll have summer vacation from August 16th to September 2nd.
Meanwhile, there wont be any updates.

Please use CS2D Blog Discord Server or CS2D Mobile Dev. Blog - Comments for the comments.

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Pre-Alpha 2

Pre-Alpha 2 starts September 5th - 9PM CEST.
Pre-Alpha 2 ended September 5th - 11PM CEST

Pre-Alpha 2
• Improved network packets CPU performance
• Improved muzzle flash particles
• New weapons (M4A1)
• Individual reloading sounds for each weapon
• Armor mechanics
• Bug fixes


During these 3 weeks, I've visited Malta, Italy, Vatican and Spain.
We made thousands of photos, so I'll just share a photo per location.

Valletta, Malta

Rome, Italy

Perugia, Italy


Blue Grotto, Malta

Seville, Spain

Gozo Island
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